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 I graduated from Emory’s PA program with a determination to cultivate meaningful relationships with my patients. I firmly believe that these connections are the cornerstone of achieving successful outcomes in healthcare. I empower my patients on their health journey through correcting nutrient deficiencies, optimizing hormones and thyroid function, and supporting healthy body composition.  

    As injector, I uphold an artistic approach prioritizing balancing facial features, maintaining safe cutting-edge techniques while highlighting the beauty each patient already possesses. I’m trained in advanced techniques in filler, botox, PRP/PRF microneedling, facial slimming/balancing, and biostimulators.

    If I’m not at work, I’m definitely at a pickleball court, busy being mom or escaping to the beach. 


My name is Kristal Rubi Yanez , and I am a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. I have been in the medical field for 6+ years.


 I love being an esthetic NP because it allows me to help people feel more confident in their own skin and address their concerns about how they look and feel from the outside in. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, boat rides with my husband and dancing. 


My goal is to give the gift of confidence and beauty to as many people as physically possible and to make sure that I’m able to play a small role in driving that impact as an aesthetic provider.


Elizabeth LaBella

Aesthetic Services

My name is Shey Dretzka, I am a licensed esthetician and tattoo artist. Proud to offer the highest quality of hyper-realistic cosmetic tattooing and fine line tattoo’s in South Florida!

Specializing in Combination brows, Nano brows and Lip blush. Also offering other beauty services such as Faux Freckles, Brow tinting and Brow Stain and Brow lamination. 


                              Michelle Vega


Laser Hair Removal Services


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